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Lead Belaying & Lead Climbing Certification Test

The Lead Certification Test is required for anyone wishing to attend lead climbing open hours at the OA wall. There is a Lead Belay Test and a Lead Climbing Test. You may choose only to become Lead Belay certified or Lead Belay/Lead Climb certified. If the climber passes each test, they will be certified to lead belay and/or lead climb at the OA wall.

This test is for experienced lead climbers and lead belayers only - please only sign up if you are comfortable with those skills.

For safety, all climbers wishing to take the lead certification test must fill out a form proving the following lead climbing prerequisites:

  • OA Climbing Wall belay certification,
  • Ability to climb 5.8+ on top rope
  • Prior lead climbing experience

Bring the attached Lead Certification Form( PDF) to the session for review by climbing wall staff.

All those becoming Lead Certified are required to abide by all OA Leading policies at all times. Lead Climbing must be done on OA provided ropes, quickdraws only. You are not permitted to use your own gear.

Learning to Lead Indoors Course

OA will be offering a Learning to Lead Indoors course at the Climbing Wall. Check the OA TripStore for schedule and details.

Upcoming Class: Friday, February 23rd 8:15-10:15pm & Saturday, February 24th 10am-12pm (attendance both days required)

Where on campus is the OA Climbing Wall?Climbing Wall Location

The Climbing Wall is location in the southeast corner of the Princeton Stadium on the second level.