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Cecily Baskir ’96: “My kindergartener son Elio proudly earned his Junior Ranger badge this summer at Mt. Rainier National Park, while his little brother Lior still talks about the volcano at Mt. St. Helens. They are starting to enjoy hiking, much to my relief!”

Laura Redman ’03: “Going on a three-day, 40km hike on the Routeburn Track in New Zealand’s Southern Alps this December. Hoping to spot a hobbit.”

Maya Yamato ’07: “I am currently a postdoc at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.  OA was the best part of Princeton and I enjoyed reading your newsletter.”

Francis Haines ’41: “There was nothing like this when I arrived at Princeton in 1937!”

Alana Benjamin ’02: “We have a 7-month old daughter Ella and are enjoying hiking, camping, and snowshoeing with her in Taos, NM!”

Jacob Aronson ’11: “I continue to hike the AT every summer with my mother (this year we got to Erwin, TN).”

Mary Kathleen Czarnecki ’00: “Doing well out in Oregon’s Willamette Valley Win Country! We just had our second little boy in June—Jonathan—big bro Emmett has been welcoming! We welcome any tigers in the area to come visit us at our family restaurant: The Joel Palmer House.”

Denise Bressler ’97: “It was not a trail but it certainly was an adventure…I finished my PhD in Learning Sciences and Technology this year! And I rode my first century this year!”

Elizabeth Henry ’14: “Hope all is well at Dillon Court West! Miss OA and the LTC—send my regards to all!”

Tenley Laserson Chepiga ’02: “Hi Rick! Just got back form a mini leader trainer reunion in Seattle with Sarah Apgar, Meghan and Wilkie Kiefer.  OA friendships are the best! Happy holidays!”

Taylor Kimberly ’96: “Hi Rick, I hope you are well! Jud Brewer, Josh Roman, Pete Kovac and I recently got together with our families to celebrate 40th birthdays.  We also got in a day of mountain biking at Kingdom Trail in VT. Lots of fun!”

John Bjorkholm ’61: “Greetings from John and Mary.  The climbing wall looks awesome! Your program is just wonderful. Keep up the GREAT work!”

David Irving ’58: “Septer 2014 Vermont Bicycle Tours (V.B.T.) bike tour of the Dolomite region of northern Italy (Cortina to Verona with wife Barb). Keep up the good work Rick!”

Marvin Swartz ’63: “Hi Rick—I did the Tour du Mont Blanc in July; then in October, the Devil’s Ladder up Carrauntoohil in Ireland.  I would like to consider Patagonia next winter with you if I’m in condition. Warm wishes!”

Daniel Santillan ’14: “Went backpacking in NM last summer, Valle Vidal (3 days, 2014).  Going 4 days and 3 nights in Yosemite, CA in December. Super excited!!! Best of luck OA. Keep up the great work!”

Kate Delhagen ’84: “Hi Rick!  It’s been a long time! Continued appreciation for all that you do to create future leaders!”

Lisa Fernandez ’83: ““We held the mountain’s heartbeat in our hands” (E.E. Cummings)—for our 25th wedding anniversary in July, 2014 Rich and I hiked the southern half of the John Muir Trail in the CA Sierras.  It was a sublime 12 day, 120 mile journey that renewed our bond with each other and with the beautiful peaks and headwaters.  We will complete the JMT in 2015—going from Muir Trail Ranch to Yosemite Valley.”

Kathleen Baum Mettenbrink ’01: “Still living in Lander, WY and working for NOLS Professional Training.  I mostly find myself fin the office or out on risk management consulting visits these days, but had the chance to work a month-long NOLS course in the canyons of Southern Utah with my husband this fall.  Such fun! Thanks for all your work out there!”

Lucy Adeline Guarnera ’09: “I’m in the middle of my Psychology PhD at the University of Virginia—so right by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah National Park, Old Rag, etc.  My 18-month old Sammy and I love to hike with him in his baby backpack! P.S. Hi Rick!”

Edwin Grove, III ’14: “I was in Tajikistan this summer and did some amazing hiking, including to Lailakul Pass, where I went sledding on a glacier at 12,000 feet!”

James Smart ’89: “We look forward to the great experiences that our son, Zach (’19) will soon have with OA.”

Whitney Azoy ’62: “Special greeting from Spain to Rick Curtis, whose constancy with OA is an inspiration.”

Meghan McNulty ’10: “Just want to say, “Thank you, OA!” It’s what I think of every time I lace up my hiking boots.”

Naomi Miller Stein ’82 “Hi Rick—Finally got to Yosemite this August for a few days of hiking with husband and reluctant 14 and 12 year old sons. Hope you’re doing well.”

Paul Ohno ’14:  “Hiked 500+ miles of the AT this summer. Great time, OA definitely helped me get to where I needed to be to do that, so thanks! Wish I could give more, still a student. Once I have a real job…”

Anthony O’Connor ’81: “No news, just say hi to Rick for me.”

Russell Frye ’75: “Spending part of my daughter Natalie’s college break hiking the “Path of the Gods” and other trails high above the Amalfi Coast of Italy in January 2015.  Hope to see OA Alums at Reunions—my 40th(?!) this year.”

Christine Saada Blume ’83: “Way back in the Dark Ages (fall of 1979) I went on the Frosh Trip to the NJ Pine Barrens, and survived Hurricane Dennis.  The trip was a blast—except for the one very looming night of the storm.  It was definitely a bonding experience! I was so thrilled my daughter Catherine Blume ’18 got to experience the OA Frosh Trip!”

John Taggart ’09: “Hello from sunny California!  Thanks OA for introducing me to backpacking and trip planning—I’ll be passing along the torch to my little cousins this summer, with a trip to Yosemite for their first wilderness experience. Happy trails!”

Elizabeth Hammar ’08: “I’ve graduated from MIT LGO with my MBA and MS in Aero/Astro.  Moved to Seattle to work for Boeing. Hope all is well!”

Samuel Inman ’85: “Sam Inman ’85 successfully ran 31 miles from the Grand Canyon’s North Rim down to the Colorado River and back up to the North Rim in 9½ hours.  No world or American record but a wealth of memories.  And, yes, as usual, he carried his camera the whole way!

Ryan Martin ’01: “Had our first baby (a boy, Innis)—we’ve taken him on a couple hikes.  Plus many runs and bike rides.  We’re also taking him to Crested Butte, CO this summer for hikes and mountain air.”

Alexander Ward ’75: “Just spent 10 days in Yellowstone and the Tetons, hiking and watching amazing wildlife and scenery, back to someplace I hadn’t been since 1975!”