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Discount Equipment

Welcome to Outdoor Action. OA can provide backpacks and sleeping bags if you requested those on your application before August 12 (check requests here).

You will need to bring personal equipment. By now you have received an Equipment List explaining what you need for your trip. In order to help you gather what you need, Princeton has set up a number of online-only discounts with companies to assist you in purchasing low cost items that will meet the needs of your trip. The specific instructions for how to activate your discounts are available here.

See the Equipment Lists at the OA Web site for the complete list of gear that you will need for your specific trip type.

Think Before You Buy! Although backpacking requires some specialized gear, you may be surprised how many items you already own or can borrow from a friend or relative. The important items to have are your personal clothing items and boots. For example, you may already own the synthetic or 50/50 synthetic/cotton blend clothing that is best for backpacking. Borrowing gear not only saves you money, but also contributes to Outdoor Action’s effort to be environmentally friendly in all our activities. Items that are most appropriate to buy new are those that require precise fitting (like boots) and those that you will use a lot around campus after Frosh Trip (like a rain jacket). If you are buying new gear, please ask retailers to show you products made from recycled or sustainable materials. 

Recommended Items from Eastern Mountain Sports -

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Pads