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Climbing Wall Staff Application

Please review this information carefully and then click the button to begin your application. All staff are required to have Climbing Wall Instructor certification and CPR certification.
For new staff there will be a Climbing Wall Instructors Course offered during Orientation Week - TENTATIVE DATES: Monday 8/31 9-6 PM & Tuesday 9/1 9-6 PM. CPR classes will be offered in September.

  • Certification Required: AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor (through EMS) or PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Current CPR Certification
  • Required Wall Staff Orientation (once/semester)
  • Two Wall Staff meetings/semester

Wall Staff will also be required to attend one or two Wall Staff Training Sessions and one or two Wall Staff meetings per semester.

Pay Rates

  • G Rate (~$12.90/hour) certified Wall Staff will be paid the G Rate for regular Open Hours including things like AI events.
  • I Rate - (~$14.80/hour) Wall Staff will be paid the I Rate when teaching a full-on class like Rocks 101, a Lead Climbing Class, or teaching a specialized Clinic like Escaping a Belay.
  • I Rate - (~$14.80/hour) Wall Staff will be paid the I Rate when Route Setting.

Graduate Student Staff: it is great to have graduate students as Wall Staff. Before grad students apply it is important to understand that some graduate students are on fixed stipends from the University and therefore are not permitted to work any additional paid campus jobs. Before applying you need to know what your employment eligibility is. Any graduate students in that situation should talk with OA Director Rick Curtis before applying.

Application Process

Eligibility - Open to undergraduates and graduate students. Please be advised that some graduate students may not be eligible to be paid based on your funding from the University. Any graduate students in that situation should talk with OA Director Rick Curtis before applying.

Coordinator Positions

There are also separate applications for:

Wall Staff Coordinator

Setting Coordinator

There are a number of Positions that will be available

Open Hours: these can change from semester to semester. Staff are either assigned a Regular Weekly Shift or are Alternates - people who pick up shifts when there are vacancies. Current hours are:

  • Monday & Fridays from 4:30 - 6:30 PM
  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 8:00 - 10:00 PM

Alcohol Initiative Nights (AI):

  • Thursday AI Night (most weeks): 10:30 PM -12:00 AM


We teach several weekly Rock Climbing Courses including Rocks 101 (a beginners course) up to Lead Climbing Indoors. These happens outside of regular Open Hours and Wall Staff may need to have additional experience to teach these cources.

Route Setting:

This happens outside of regular Open Hours.

Special Events:

These are one-off events like RCA or College Nights at the Wall offered during the semester.

Mark all of the Positions that you are interested in.

All final hiring decisions are made by the OA Director.

OA Climbing Wall Staff Full Value Contract

Please read this carefully and completely before agreeing and submitting your application.

These positions are ones of significant responsibility since they involve supervision and oversight of the facility as well as technical instruction and risk management. By signing this agreement I accept the responsibilities entrusted to me by the Outdoor Action Program if I am accepted for this important position. I understand that in serving in this role that I am an ambassador for Princeton University and the Outdoor Action Program and that my primary goal is to providing a positive and safe learning experience for Princeton University Climbers. I agree to be a positive role model by promoting respect for the all aspects of diversity, creating a physically and emotionally safe environment for each person, ensuring that all OA procedures and safety protocols are followed at all times and be courteous and professional in the operation of the Wall and in dealings with users. This includes use of the Climbing Wall at any time both during hours when I am employed by Outdoor Action and any other time that I am using the facility.

All Wall Staff, Climbing Instructors, Route Setters and Wall Coordinators need to fully agree to and participate in all of the items of the Full Value Contract and all specified OA Climbing policies both stated here and elsewhere.