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Application Information

Class of 2019 Frosh Trip 2015 Application

Applications will be open in late May 2015

Frosh Trip 2013 Group PA66

Since its inception in 1974 over 19,400 incoming Princeton students have participated in the OA Frosh Trip program.

Applications will be available late May 2015.

  • Please read the Information Letter and the Frosh Trip Brochure carefully before submitting your application.
  • Apply Online: In order to apply online you will need to have your Princeton University NetID and your new University password. Which will be mailed to you at the end of May in a letter from the Office of Information Technology (OIT). If you have trouble activating your account or logging in contact the OIT Help Desk (609-258-HELP). You need to have logged in and changed your temporary password before you can login to submit your Frosh Trip application.
  • Application Deadline is June 30. All applications are treated on a first-come, first-served basis. We use your Web application date or the postmark date for mailed-in applications. 

Before you Start your Online Application

If are unable to login to the OA Web site and you have been recently admitted, your profile may not be in our database yet. Please contact the OA Office at 609-258-6230.

Browser Settings

  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome (we do not recommend Safari)
  • You need to have Javascript and Cookies enabled in your browser.
  • All of your information submitted online is sent in encrypted form to our secure server.

Information to Gather Before you Begin

You'll need to gather some information before you start to submit your application so please make sure to have all the following pieces of information prepared before you start. You can print this page so you have the list of information you will need

  • You will need a parent or guardian to sign the Web application form as you submit it
  • Home Address
  • Summer Address (if you will be at a different address in July and the dates you will be at that address)
  • Waist Size
  • Shoe Size
  • T-shirt Size
  • Medical Insurance Provider, Group Number & Policy Number - if your primary insurance is through Princeton University enter 'Princeton University Health Plan'
  • Family Physician & phone number
  • Height (inches)
  • Weight (pounds)
  • Waist size (inches)
  • Length of your spine (from belt to top of shoulders in inches)
  • Date of your Last Medical Exam
  • Date of your last Tetanus Immunization
  • Information about your current physical condition and any exercise you do
  • Current health conditions
  • Any Allergies and medications you take for your allergies
  • Any other medications you take and for what conditions (non-allergy)
  • Any Dietary restrictions or food allergies
  • In order to participate, your signature, and the signature of a parent or guardian is required so both of you will need to enter information to submit the form online.

Login Screen

Below is a screenshot of the Office of Information Technology Login screen you'll be taken to in order to log in to submit your application.

  • Make sure you have all the information you need to complete your application before you start your application (see above).
  • You must have logged in to your University Account at least once and changed your temporary password.
  • Enter your University NetID and Password to log in.
  • You need to have COOKIES ENABLED in your browser to login. If you are using You need to have JAVASCRIPT ENABLED in order to keep your Login Session open, If Javascript is disabled, the application will onyl be active for 60 minutes in that case you must save the application before your Login Session expires or your application won't be submitted. Some Browsers like Safari may Block Cookies so set your Browser to "Enable Third Party Cookies"
  • Once you have submitted your application, you can return at any time to edit/update it.
  • As long as you enter an email address, you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been submitted. Make sure your email address is entered correctly. If you do not recieve and email confirmation, pleae contact the Outdoor Action office at the number listed below.
  • If you cannot Log In contact the OIT Help Desk
  • If you encounter an error while submitting your application email (oa at and explain the problem you were having.
Note: The Outdoor Action Frosh Trip Program is only open to students in the Class of 2019 at Princeton University.


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