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Orientation Green Team

The OA Green Team plays an important role when Frosh Trip returns ensuring that the highest standards of recycling are followed by all the groups. This helps cement that Leave no Trace camping is not just for the trail, it's what students should do on campus. People selected for the Frosh Trip Green Team will return to campus early and prepare the recycling stations for Frosh Trip Return and then help the groups to recycle and to properly dispose of non-recyclables.

This is also an opportunity to educate first-year students about the many Green organizations and activities on campus throughout the year. You will be able to move into your regular year dorm room when you return. Green Team members will be paid at the C rate (~$11.25/hour) for their hours worked on Wednesday and Thursday. Expect to work a few hours on Wednesday afternoon getting things set up. Thursday's work schedule will be from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM helping groups recycle.

Green Team Schedule

  • Tuesday, August 22 - Return to Princeton and move into your room
  • Wednesday, August 23 - Set up recycling return stations
  • Thursday, August 24 – Staff the recycling stations in the afternoon - early evening.

Applications are now available: