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Frosh Trip - Information for Leaders

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Frosh Trip Dates 2020 - dates subject to change

Find out when you need to come back to lead Frosh Trip. The regular arrival date for Leaders is Tuesday, August 18 by 5:00 PM. People who are leading specialty trips will need to come back earlier for special training. Read on for details.

Outdoor Action considers running healthy trips an essential part of our mission. We will work with you to identify a trip that's right for you based on any previous experience, your current physical condition, any special dietary needs you might have, physical limitations and medical conditions. We ask a variety of questions on our Health History form to assess your needs. Please contact us if you have questions about what trips would be best and to give us more detailed information about your special needs.

Many students with diabetes have participated in the trip or led trips. These are a few things we have learned over the years to help you have a good week on the trip.

Tell us About your Insulin Regimen

When completing your health form, let us know about your daily insulin regimen. Are you taking insulin orally, spray, by injection, or an insulin pump? What type of glucose monitoring meter do you use? What are the temperature requirements for your medication and meter or pump? All of these things can help us place you on a trip that's in the right environment for you.

Tasty, satisfying, and healthy meals are what fuel the group for the week, so we ensure that everyone eats well on OA trips!  Every meal is a collective effort, with the group coming together to chop, season, and cook their way to a delicious end product.  This also allows the meals to be very customizable to your group's preferences.

We will happily work with individuals to find a way to accommodate religious observances on the trail and meet religious dietary restrictions

OA can accommodate students with many different needs. Our goal is to do our best to make this experience as accessible as possible. Please contact us to let us know about your specific needs, and we will work with you to find a trip that will work for you.

The Outdoor Action Leave a Trace Program was developed in 1999 as part of our continued goal of providing the most effective orientation program for incoming Princeton students. Each year over 50% of the incoming class participates in the Outdoor Action Frosh Trip. These trips serve as both the transition between high school and college and their first exposure to life at Princeton.

There are so many great moments that happen on Frosh Trip! From learning to rock climb to connecting with new peers, there are countless stories from the past 4 decades of Frosh Trip. We've captured some of our favorite moments and memories in video, photos, and quotes from participants and leaders.

OA Frosh Trip is a different experience for everyone. Here, a collection of participants and leaders reflect on what made their Frosh Trip experience so valuable and memorable.