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Outdoor Action

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Farming with OA!

Stay at a local, sustainable farm!

These small farms are family-run and always in need of a helping hand (or 20!) to assist with farm tasks, and will teach you everything you need to know: from how to help in the field, to why any of your hardwork on a local farm matters!

Every morning, the group meets with the farmers and learn about the tasks for the day: harvesting potatoes, sorting onions, weeding new plants, etc.  While working alongside the farmers and other members of your OA group, you'll learn about sustainable farming practices and local food movements.  You'll also learn about life on campus from the trip leaders and have plenty of time share your lifestory with the other members of your group.  These discussions will continue into the afternoon: you might meet other active farmers in the Princeton area, go on a field trip to a different farm, or spend hours playing games and getting to know your peers. 

When dinner time rolls around, the group cooks a communal meal, incorporating many of the fresh fruits and vegetables that you've been toiling over throughout the day.  There is no doubt that farming trips are the best fed Frosh Trips!

Evenings are spent back at the group's "campsite"-- a secluded area on the farm where the group has set up the tent and claimed it as home, and with access to a bathroom and opportunities to wash off at the end of the day (via shower or hose).  Farming trips are a great experience whether you are already passionate about food or are just curious to learn more!