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Outdoor Action

Leadership Starts Here

Leader Training Schedule

All registration is at, on the Outdoor Action page. Please reach out to Rick Curtis with any questions about the schedule.

OA Leader Training Schedule

Typically, we offer the on-campus components of Leader Training during Fall Break, Wintersession, Spring Break, and throughout the spring semester. You can take these trainings spread out across multiple semesters. You need to complete all of the on-campus workshops before going on the Leader Training Trip.

For course descriptions, visit the OA Leader Training Requirements Page

Spring 2024 Schedule

All registration is at:

Wilderness First Aid & CPR (WFA)

This is an experiential course where you will get hands on practice with patient assessment, environmental medicine, wounds care, splinting, and excellent lectures from experienced emergency medicine providers. Upon successful completion, you will be issued a 3-year Wilderness First Aid & CPR certification card.

Outdoor Technical Skills

Learn the fundamental skills of traveling and living outdoors.

Leadership Workshop Series: Leadership 101/102 

Learn key leadership and team building skills.

Everyone must attend one Leadership 101 workshop and one Leadership 102 workshop (preferably in order, but that is not required); you are allowed to take spread these out across fall and spring semester.

Managing Safety

Learn about how to identify hazards in any situation and take proactive steps to manage your safety and the safety of others. Attend one of these workshops:

Leader Training Trips in May

Various dates between May 14 - May 22

For course descriptions, visit the OA Leader Training Requirements Page