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Becoming a First Aid Instructor

A critical part of OA leader training is competence and confidence in dealing with emergency situations. The Wilderness First Aid and CPR instructors teach the core skills of patient care and assessment, and judgement and decision making for the field treatment of emergency situations.

CPR  Instructors

CPR Instructors teach the 3 hour American Heart Association CPR course to OA leaders and other members of the University community.  In order to become a CPR Instructor you must complete the CPR Instructor Course.

OA brings LifeForce to campus once a year to train and certify new CPR instructors.  The course is just 1 day of in class practice.  Before recieving your final certification, you will be observed teaching your first CPR course. 

The Pre-requisite for taking the CPR Instructor Course is holding a valid BLS CPR Certification.  BLS (Basic Life Support) is a higher level of certification than required for OA Leader Training.  A BLS class is typically offered by OA at the beginning of each semster.  Check TripStore for detailed schedule.

CPR Instructors are paid at the I rate ($14.80/hour) for all of their teaching.  OA pays for certification fees based on the agreement that all instructors will teach atleast 4 CPR courses over the next 12 months.  

HEART Wilderness First Aid Instructors

HEART Instructors teach the 25 hour ECSI Wilderness First Aid class to OA leaders and other members of the University community. Teaching HEART is an excellent way to keep your own first aid skills sharp, while inducting new leaders into the OA community. There are several requirements to becoming a HEART instructor:

  1. You must be either a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or an EMT (NJ or NR) certification. A strong background in first aid is requisite. If you are not yet certified beyond Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA), OA offers a WFR class each Intersession through Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA).
  2. BRAINS (Basic Rescue And Instruction Skills) - This 7-hour workshop covers basic and intermediate teaching skills. The HEART curriculum is in a constant state of improvement. BRAINS serves two purposes. The first is to teach instructors the tricks of the trade when it comes to managing a classroom, running medical simulations and lecturing about wilderness medicine. Furthermore, BRAINS is an opportunity to get all HEART instructors on the same page as far as the curriculum and the educational tactics which will be used during the academic year. BRAINS certifies HEART instructors as ECSI Wilderness First Aid Instructors.
  3. Before taking BRAINS, each instructor candidate must submit an application and sit in an interview with one of the HEART Coordinators. After BRAINS, each candidate is considered by the HEART Coordinators and a decision regarding admission is made.

Teaching first aid is a rewarding pursuit. As an instructor, you will be working with students who are eager to be engaged in their learning. You will have the opportunity to exercise leadership skills in driving a group towards a common goal. Noteably, you yourself will learn more about teaching and first aid along the way. Speaking in front of a group of people is daunting for some, but apprehension of this matter should not discourage any prospective instructor. HEART provides a comfortable environment in which you and your co-instructor(s) can develop this skill together, with an ideal group of students.

As a new HEART instructors, you will begin your teaching as a Teaching Assistant alongside two experienced HEART instructors. The transition from TA to Instructor allows time for you to put the BRAINS theory into practice and get hands on in managing a class, all the while having someone to fall back on, before taking on a class all your own.

HEART Instructors are paid at the I rate ($14.80/hour) for all of their teaching and grading.

Spring 2019

CPR BLS Course (pre-requisite if you are not already BLS certified)-  Saturday, April 6th, 1pm

CPR Instructor Course: Saturday, April 13th, 10am-6pm

BRAINS: Saturday, Feb. 16 , 1pm-5pm