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Leadership Starts Here

For the thousands of Princeton alumni who have had the privilege of serving as OA Leaders, the phrase "Leadership Starts Here" has a special meaning. So many alumni have told us how transformative that leadership experience has been and how they continue to use those leadership skills and lessons everyday in work and with family. We'd like to hear your story, so give us your OA Leadership Reflection below.

Three Core Questions to get you thinking are:

The Outdoor Action Program at Princeton: A Twenty Year Perspective

This report was written on the twentieth anniversary of the Outdoor Action Program to identify the unique contributions Outdoor Action has made to Princeton University. The Outdoor Action Program has been an important program for building community at Princeton for the past twenty years. Outdoor Action activities serve as powerful group bonding experiences that help students develop new friendships, learn leadership skills, increase interpersonal skills, develop concern for the environment, and learn lifelong wilderness skills. The overall success of the program can be seen through the yearly increases in participation and evaluations and studies of participants and leaders. This report documents the history and growth of the program since its founding in 1974.

OA 40th Anniversary: State of the Program Report


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During its forty year history Outdoor Action (OA) has achieved incredible success. It has transformed the orientation process for incoming students at Princeton. In addition, OA has built a unique learning laboratory where students have the opportunity to practice real leadership in service to others. OA Leaders are some of Princeton’s most successful and influential leaders across the campus. The overall Outdoor Action Program is also one of Princeton’s greatest untapped resources. Expanding the program is clearly one of the best investments Princeton can make in student leadership development over the next decade.