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Tying in with a Figure 8

Climbing Magazine, along with partners, Wild Country and Red Chili, has produced a series of 'How To' videos to demonstrate a number of rock climbing skills and techniques. Using Climbing Magazine's experienced staff and following AMGA guidelines we'll show you how to get started in the vertical world. In this video Julie Ellison, Climbing Magazine Gear Editor, shows how to tie a figure 8 knot.

The figure 8 knot is the most commonly used in climbing and learning how to tie it is an essential step in becoming a safe climber. The method shown here is as recommended in the USA -- it is worth noting that in the UK the use of a 'stopper knot' is recommended.

Peak Potential Princeton

Peak Potential is all about helping kids achieve more than they thought was possible. Using the OA Climbing Wall and a team approach volunteers help children with disabilities reach new heights (literally). All children require a belayer and many also require a climber with an additional belayer. The climber encourages the child and may help her place hands and feet on holds as they climb. OA is looking for students who would be interested in working with children at the Wall on a weekly basis throughout the semester. No previous climbing experience is required, although you will need to go through a belay training and orientation in order to work with children with disabilities.

Community Service

OA Leaders volunteer their time to help incoming freshmen learn about Princeton, to teach other Princeton students leadership skills and reach out to the surrounding community utilizing their special skills to help others. Through ourt programs such as Peak Potential at the OA Climbing Wall which providews indoor rock climbing for children with disabilities to our Leave No Trace Pogram that teaches sustainable outdoor skills to local school children, OA provides students with the opportunity to use leadership in service.

Climbing Wall History


New Outdoor Action Climbing Wall

Climbing at Princeton University is alive and well. For more than two decades, the OA climbing wall has been the home and the focal point for climbing at Princeton. Thousands of Princeton students, faculty, and staff have discovered the joy of climbing for the first time or expanded their skills by being a part of this special tightknit community.

Lead Climbing


Lead Belaying & Lead Climbing Certification Test

The Lead Certification Test is required for anyone wishing to attend lead climbing open hours at the OA wall. There is a Lead Belay Test and a Lead Climbing Test. You may choose only to become Lead Belay certified or Lead Belay/Lead Climb certified. If the climber passes each test, they will be certified to lead belay and/or lead climb at the OA wall.

This test is for experienced lead climbers and lead belayers only - please only sign up if you are comfortable with those skills.