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NOLS Faculty Summit: A Leader's Role as Seen Through the Stages of Group Development

All groups go through developmental stages, and each stage comes with different characteristics and needs. As a leader, the better you are able to recognize them, the better you will be able to provide ways to maximize the flow of your group's learning. This workshop is aimed at highlighting our skills as leaders to recognize each stage, and to act accordingly for the best possible group outcomes. It's all about reading the flow!

The Outdoor Action Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Creating a campus culture that values and respects diversity and encourages students to engage in civil discourse is one of the principal tenets of Princeton’s mission. The Outdoor Action Program addresses this issue as a core value in every aspect of our programming. Our primary vehicles are through small group experiential learning opportunities in the outdoors and through our student leadership development program.

The original proposal establishing Outdoor Action identified these core principles which have guided the program for over forty years:

FastTrack Schedule

This is the complete schedule for anyone doing FastTrack OA Leader Training during Spring Break.  Everyone needs to take all 5 days of HEART Wilderness First Aid classes.  To keep the class sizes small, everyone will be assigned to one of 2 groups for HEART (X or Y), groups for Technical Skills classes (P, Q, R, or S) as well as a time & date for CPR & Managing Safety.

Specific class assignments will be emailed to participants in mid-March.