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Outdoor Action

Leadership Starts Here



The Merits of Risk

Some assume the merits of risk to be self-evident (no A's without F's). Yet, this isn't a commonly shared value among students, parents, or even peer educators; they often don't understand risk and rarely advocate for it, seeking only "safe" opportunities. All students must embrace risk if they want to reach their potential and be prepared for the future that awaits. Presented by Christopher Barnes, Founder of the High Mountain Institute.

Becoming a First Aid Instructor

A critical part of OA leader training is competence and confidence in dealing with emergency situations. The Wilderness First Aid and CPR instructors teach the core skills of patient care and assessment, and judgement and decision making for the field treatment of emergency situations.

CPR  Instructors

CPR Instructors teach the 3 hour American Heart Association CPR course to OA leaders and other members of the University community.  In order to become a CPR Instructor you must complete the CPR Instructor Course.

OA Seniors Reception for Families


As graduation approaches, seniors enter a busy time finishing their experience at Princeton and preparing for their next adventure. Every year at this time I have a chance to follow up with graduating OA Leaders and many of them tell a similar story: Outdoor Action was one of the experiences that they value most about their time at Princeton.

Leader Parents

Becoming an OA Leader for Princeton and Beyond

Becoming an OA Leader is one of the most valuable things a student can do during their four years at Princeton. OA provides the most extensive leadership development program on campus. We teach skills that allow students to develop their confidence to make critical decisions, assess their group and develop effective communication, respect diversity and encourage students to explore cultures and experiences outside their confort zone.