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OA Jobs

OA Jobs

Climbing Wall Staff Application Process


We are now accepting applications for Climbing Wall Staff. I hope that you will be interested and committed to growing the OA Climbing Program.

Climb On
Rick Curtis '79
Director, Outdoor Action


Please review this information carefully and then click the button to begin your application. All staff are required to have climbing certification. There will be a Climbing Wall Instructors Course offered early in the fall semester

Becoming an LNT Trainer or Master Educator

In order to continue OA's Leave No Trace Initiative, we offer one LNT Master Educator trip and 2-3 LNT Trainer trips each year. LNT Trainers focus on developing a personal wilderness ethic and how to teach the principles of LNT to others.  In addition to these responsibilities, LNT Master Educators, which receive the highest level of training offered by the Center for Outdoor Ethics, are also charged with training LNT Trainers and facilitating the development of this ethic in others.

Becoming a First Aid Instructor

A critical part of OA leader training is competence and confidence in dealing with emergency situations. The Wilderness First Aid and CPR instructors teach the core skills of patient care and assessment, and judgement and decision making for the field treatment of emergency situations.

CPR  Instructors

CPR Instructors teach the 3 hour American Heart Association CPR course to OA leaders and other members of the University community.  In order to become a CPR Instructor you must complete the CPR Instructor Course.