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Dispose of Waste Properly: Digging Catholes LeaveNoTraceCenter LeaveNoTraceCenter

When nature calls while you're out in nature, do you know how to go? Disposing of waste properly is an important part of every outdoor adventure, especially when it comes to disposing of our human waste. In this Skill Series video, we will discuss why human waste is a problem, the four objectives of proper human waste disposal, and how to dig a Leave No Trace cathole. 

PCT Bear Hang

Once bears and other wildlife become conditioned to our food, they become attracted to our campsites, homes, and trails, seeking us out as a source for food. This behavior can lead to aggression in some instances. Sometimes when bears become habituated to humans with food conditioning, land managers have no choice but to euthanized these bears.

One solution is the PCT Bear Hang.

Delorme inReach - How To Share Location

In this video we will look at sharing your current location using the Delorme inReach SE.

Make sure you have the latest firmware as we'll be using the LOCATION icon on the main screen. Click OK and you will see your current position along with other data fields.

Click on SHARE LOCATION button at the bottom of the screen.

From here you can send your location to an email or cell phone number in your contacts (don't forget to sync your inReach before you leave the house).

Delorme inReach - Tracking

smartphone. The tracking feature is useful feature where you can keep track of your activities or let others know your location.

You can start/stop tracking using the device only by holding down the tracking button (middle) until the LED flashes.

the other method is to use the Earthmate app either on for iOS or Android. The app also includes additional information such as a map display of the track, the number of points sent, time started, time sent, next time to send.

Delorme inReach - How to Pair with iPhone

In this video we will look at how to pair our Delorme inReach SE with an iPhone or iOS device.

First thing is to download the free app Earthmate, this will allow you to download Delorme maps and control the inReach using Bluetooth.

Next step is to take you inReach SE and from the main menu, select SETTINGS, then BLUETOOTH.

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and select PAIR INREACH. This will search for a bluetooth device to pair with.