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Technical Skills

Outdoor Technical Skills

Belaying the Leader

Climbing Magazine is producing a series of How To videos in 2012 to demonstrate basic skills and techniques. In this video Julie Ellison, Climbing Magazine Gear Editor, shows how to belay a lead climb. Thanks to our partners: Wild Country Red Chili, Vertical Girl, and New England Ropes.

Becoming a Technical Skills Trainer

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Technical Skills Trainer is a relatively new role within OA. The idea is to develop a cadre of leaders who are super-solid on all the outdoor technical skills and who are the instructors for the Leader Training Technical Skills Classes. We are now taking applications for people interested in becoming paid staff to teach these classes which take place over Fall Break, Spring Break and in April. You need to have completed all of OA Leader Training (including an LTT) before becoming a trainer.  Preference is for those who have led at least one OA multi-day trip.