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Outdoor Technical Skills

Becoming a Technical Skills Trainer

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Technical Skills Trainer is a relatively new role within OA. The idea is to develop a cadre of leaders who are super-solid on all the outdoor technical skills and who are the instructors for the Leader Training Technical Skills Classes. We are now taking applications for people interested in becoming paid staff to teach these classes which take place over Fall Break, Spring Break and in April. You need to have completed all of OA Leader Training (including an LTT) before becoming a trainer.  Preference is for those who have led at least one OA multi-day trip.

Using Your MSR Liquid-Fuel Stove

The mainstay of most backcountry travelers, MSR® stoves offer versatile, all-around performance for preparing a variety of meals on the trail. With the renowned WhisperLite™-series stoves as a cornerstone, these stoves feature broader burner heads and moderate flame control to expand cooking options for backpackers and global vagabonds alike.

Here, we take a look at how to properly use your MSR® Liquid Fuel Stove.

MSR Stove Pump Maintenance

With regular maintenance, your liquid fuel stove's pump will last for many years. This video describes basic maintenance procedures for all MSR liquid fuel stove pumps, including those used with the Dragonfly stove, manufactured in all years. It includes basic troubleshooting and repairs for problems such as fuel leaks, low pressure and reduced fuel flow. For more information on maintenance and operation, download the complete manual for your stove from