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Tying in with a Figure 8

Media Author: 
Climbing Magazine
Date Posted: 
Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rock Climbing Basics 1: Tying in with a Figure 8 - Wild Country, Red Chili and Climbing Magazine.

Climbing Magazine, along with partners, Wild Country and Red Chili, has produced a series of 'How To' videos to demonstrate a number of rock climbing skills and techniques. Using Climbing Magazine's experienced staff and following AMGA guidelines we'll show you how to get started in the vertical world. In this video Julie Ellison, Climbing Magazine Gear Editor, shows how to tie a figure 8 knot.
The figure 8 knot is the most commonly used in climbing and learning how to tie it is an essential step in becoming a safe climber. The method shown here is as recommended in the USA -- it is worth noting that in the UK the use of a 'stopper knot' is recommended.