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Outdoor Action is now an integrated part of Orientation for the Class of 2020

Starting in 2016 the OA Frosh Trip will be an integrated part of the orientation process for incoming students. Next fall students will arrive on September 3 for two days of orientation in the residential colleges followed by either a 5-day Outdoor Action or Community Action trip or a program for fall student-athletes.
This is a momumental step forward for OA. It recognizes and applauds the impact that OA has had for incoming students for over forty years and transforms the program from 'optional pre-orientation' to an integrated and integral part of the orientation process. I want to say thank you to the thousands of OA Alumni Leaders who dedicated themselves to helping incoming students get the very best start at Princeton. You created the model that the University has chosen to implement.
Going forward the OA Frosh Trip will be offered at no charge to all participants. Also, the OA Leader Training Program will now be free to all participants.

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OA Alumni News: Notes from the Trailhead

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Do you have news to share with your OA alumni friends? We want to hear from you. To post your news to OA use the login information that was mailed out in the latest Tiger Trails Newsletter and login

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Name & Class: Rick Curtis 1979

Cecily Baskir ’96: “My kindergartener son Elio proudly earned his Junior Ranger badge this summer at Mt. Rainier National Park, while his little brother Lior still talks about the volcano at Mt. St. Helens. They are starting to enjoy hiking, much to my relief!”

Laura Redman ’03: “Going on a three-day, 40km hike on the Routeburn Track in New Zealand’s Southern Alps this December. Hoping to spot a hobbit.”

Name & Class: Rick Curtis 1979

We are really excited to open the new Outdoor Action Web site. As the portal for all things OA, the new site gives us the opportunity to reach out to alumni and friends as well as current students to tell 'the OA Story.' We hope that you'll help us write that story with your recollections and tales from OA trips gone by.

Rick Curtis