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Outdoor Action

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A Day on OA

Group of people sitting at top of Mount Tammany with river visible in background

For most groups, one day will be spent exploring the beautiful Princeton area. You will start the morning with breakfast in the dining halls with your group, and then play some games before walking together to some beautiful trails only 1-2 miles from Princeton’s campus. Your group will engage in a variety of activities along the trail where you will learn outdoor skills, trail maintenance, mindfulness techniques, and lots of trail songs, of course! In the afternoon, the group will eat lunch together and walk back to campus, where Leaders will conduct some more afternoon group games and conversations. Dinner will be served in the residential college dining halls in the evening and the group may reconvene after the meal for more activities before returning to your dorm rooms to sleep. 

For the other days of Outdoor Action, we will be taking buses to explore beautiful and interesting locations in and around the state of New Jersey. While the length of the bus ride will vary with the destination, no trip will be so long as to cut too much into the valuable time at the destination during the day. 

The morning of a day with a bus ride isn’t too different from the beginning of a more local day, eating breakfast with your group in the dining hall before you set out for your adventure. Everyone will get their lunches and daypacks ready for the trip, and then get on the bus to their destination. 

Buses will be taking OA groups to all sorts of locations in the region. No matter the location, the day will be full of exciting activities. For example, your group may arrive at the Delaware Water Gap, eating lunch soon after arriving at the Kittatinny Visitor Center. After lunch, your group may then set off on the Red Dot Trail from Kittatinny Point to summit Mount Tammany, overlooking the Delaware River from an elevation of over 1500’. 

After your day full of exploring your destination and spending time with your group, the bus will pick you up and take you back to campus where your group will eat dinner at one of the dining halls, and may remain together for a few more activities in the evening.