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Leader Training FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plans for Leader Training for 2020-2021?

In a typical year, beocming an OA Leader requires completing on-campus training in 4 skill areas (leadership, first aid, outdoor technical skills, and risk management), followed by a 6-day outdoor trip to practice implementing these skills. As is probably obvious, many of our plans have been thrown upside-down this year, and we are still in the process of figuring it all out.

For now, we've started by identifying the components of training that we could offer virtually so we can continue to train new students for leading outdoor trips. Our focus is on the leadership workshops (Leadership 101 & 102) and some parts of the outdoor technical skills (but not the first aid or the multi-day trip). The first opportunity will be during Wintersession in January, and the registration is available on the Wintersession website (not TripStore). 

We will also be offering these workshops in the spring (specific dates TBD) as well as exploring how we may be able to offer the other components in the spring.

When do I have to complete everything?

You can take the various components of training at different times during the year with the exception of the Leader Training Trip, a 6-day trip which must be taken after you have completed all of the other requirements.

What if I miss one of the components of training?

You are required to complete all of the OA Trainings to become an OA Leader. Attendance is taken at all classes. See Leader Training Requirements for details. It is your responsibility to be aware of all of the compontents of training and ensure that you plan your schedule accordingly.