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Support Teams & Command Center Team

Frosh Trip Support Team & Command Center Teams

Frosh Trip 2021 Update & Overview

Frosh Trip 2021 will be a campus-based, in-person program with day trips to the local area. The basic structure for Frosh Trip 2021 will be similar to past years: groups will consist of 8-12 participants and 2-3 OA leaders who build connections and explore the natural world together over 4 days.  OA groups will first meet the evening of Sunday, August 22nd. The following four days (Monday through Thursday), they'll participate in activities in the groups throughout the day, and some evenings. 

The location of activities will vary day-to-day, with some things happening within walking distance from campus (like the Institute Woods & Mountain Lakes) and with other days traveling via bus, both to trails near Princeton (like the Sourlands) and also to other parts of the tri-state area (like the Delaware Water Gap).  While we are still in the planning process, we anticipate having a variety of multi-activity trips with hiking, canoeing, biking, trail maitenance and rock climbing. We are also planning virtual options if severe weather or public health guidelines were to limit participation.  


Positions for Frosh Trip

Frosh Trip is a massive logistical enterprise, and this new day-trip format introduces a new layer of complexity! In order to be able to meet the needs of the 750+ students involved, we will rely on a strong backbone of Support Team staff & Command Center staff.  When you apply to be part of FT 2021, are joining part of a great team with all of us working towards one goal, providing the very best entering experience for incoming freshmen.

We are still figuring out some of the exact details for these positions this year, and will do our best to provide additional information as we move forward. You can apply for either of the following positions (or both-- some people may end up serving in a hybrid between the two roles). 

Support Team Staff

We couldn't operate the Frosh Trip without Support! Support Teams are pairs of students acting as our mobile response team for groups out on the trail. You will be based on campus (sleeping in your dorm room), and spend the day driving an OA minivan to various locations in the Princeton area as needs arise. You may have some scheduled rendesvous with groups, and will also respond live based on evolving needs; if someone sprains an ankle and needs to return to campus early or other mild medical evacuations. Being on Support creates opportunities to interact with entire OA groups, as well as more extended invidual interactions with First Years that you transport. OA provides the vehicle and all transportation expenses, as well as all of your meals for the week!  Typically Support Teams are pairs of students, so we invite you to apply for this position with a friend! 

In order to drive a Support mini-van you need to have a valid US or Canadian driver's license and complete the University's Van Driver Training program (which includes both an online an in-person component). The exact details of the Van Driver program are still being updated for the Fall and there will be opportunities to complete the in-person component in August. 

Command Center Staff

Command Center operates as the "brain' behind the entire Frosh Trip program and is an essential resource for making everything run smoothly.  As part of Command, you can anticipate staying on campus throughout the week performing a variety of roles that help us keep track of where everyone is and solve any real-time problems. Time is spent both in "the Command Center", answering phones, tracking locations, and dispatching Support Teams to respond to situations. Command stays in constant communication with both Leaders and Support Teams and helps make decisions about how to allocate resources and make logistical plans. Command may also interact directly with Leaders and Frosh through daily check-outs/check-ins as groups depart and return to campus. 

You will be staying in your room on campus and OA provides food for all meals. 

Support & Command Team Schedule

  • Wednesday, August 18, 5pm: Support Teams check-in*
  • Thursday, August 19: Van Certification appointments (if applicable)
  • Thursday, August 19, 5pm: Command Center check-in*
  • Thursday, August 19- Sunday, August 22: Suppor & Command Briefings and Preparations
  • Monday, August 23- Thursday, August 26: Frosh Trip

*there may be slight flexibility on this move-in date. If you have a conflict with this specific arrival date (and would need to arrive +/- 1-2 days, please email Caroline)


I am ready to apply! 

To get to know you a little bit and your interest in being part of the OA Orientation team, we have included several brief essays in our application. If you have served on Support or Command in a previous year, you do NOT need to complete the essays. We recommend that you write them all first and then cut and paste them into your application to avoid any technical issues.

  • Why do you think you will be a good addition to the OA Orientation Team? (200 - 300 words)
  • Why are you interested in being a Command Center or Support Team member? (up to 4000 characters)
  • Being either a Command Center or Support Team member requires that you be part of a team working closely together. Describe your experiences in working as part of a team. (up to 4000 characters)
  • Describe your organizational skills for handling multiple tasks simultaneously. (up to 4000 characters)

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