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Support Teams & Command Center Team

Frosh Trip Support Team & Command Center Teams

Once again it’s time to start thinking about our next great endeavor, FT 2020! OA runs the largest outdoor orientation program in the United States, and we need lots of people to make it happen. We hope you can be a part of Frosh Trip 2020. The Frosh Trip itself runs from Monday, August 24 – Thursday, August 27. If you are accepted, you will need to arrive on Thursday, August 20 by 5PM (Support) OR Wednesday, August 19 by 5PM (Command Center) for pre-trip briefings and trainings.

Interest List & Application

The applications will Support and Command will go live in mid-March and be due in early April. For now, please add yourself to our Interest Lists on TripStore in order to get updated information when the application becomes available. Trip's are listed at the end as "Frosh Trip 2020 Command Center Positions" and "Frosh Trip 2020 Support Team Positions".

Positions for Frosh Trip

The Frosh Trip is a massive logistical enterprise. Ours is the largest program in the country in terms of participants and number of days. This means we need lots of qualified staff: Support Team staff and Command Center staff. When you apply to be part of FT 2020, are joining part of a great team with all of us working towards one goal, providing the very best entering experience for incoming freshmen.

You can apply for either of the following positions. If you are interested in being part of a Support Team, you should sign up with a friend (and indicate your partner's name on the application form). Because Support Teams spend so much one-on-one time, we rarely pair individuals who have applied separately.

Support Team Staff

We couldn't operate the Frosh Trip without Support Staff Teams! You and a friend sign up together and spend the whole week as a pair. You'll be stationed near the different trip areas (anywhere from Virginia to Massachusetts, or as close as central New Jersey). During the week your team, in an OA mini-van, is our mobile response team to work with the groups on the trail. You will interact with groups on a daily basis providing water drops, resupplying groups with equipment and food, and transporting mild medical evacs (e.g. sprained ankles). It gives you a chance to interact with the groups and meet some incoming students during the trip. You are "on call" throughout the whole trip, and will be linked back to campus with an OA satellite phone or cell phone in order to receive updated instructions. Food, hotel/motel lodging, and all expenses are covered by OA during the week.

In order to drive a Support mini-van you need to have a valid US or Canadian driver's license and complete the University Van Driver Training program. This is a 30-minute Web-based instructional course and a 45-minute road test. For complete information about the van driver certification process, go to the Public Safety Web site. In order to be accepted for a Support Position, you must complete the ONLINE PORTION of Driver Training Program by Friday, May 8. We will be working on options for students to take the Behind The Wheel portion when they return to campus in August.

Command Center Staff

Command Center Staff are an essential resource for making the Frosh Trip run smoothly. Command Center is group of students that stay on campus during the trip and help manage all of the real-time logistics changes that are occurring while the trips are in the field: water drop locations are changed, students become sick and need to be evacuated, and equipment needs to be resupplied. The Command Center is constantly in communication with the Leaders and Support Teams to understand where everyone is. Command helps make decisions about where to send our resources and what the logistics of a rendezvous should look like. Command Center members are assigned specific shifts throughout the day, but are always "on call" in case something big arises. Before and after the trip, Command Center Staff supervise frosh arrival and departure, equipment and food distribution and check in at the end of the trip. You will be staying in your room on campus. OA provides food for all meals.

Support & Command Team Schedule

  • Wednesday, August 19, 5:00 PM. Command Center Teams check-in
  • Thursday, August 20, 5:00 PM. Support Teams check in
  • Friday, August 21- Sunday, August 23 - Support Team & Command Center Briefings
  • Monday, August 24 - Thursday, August 27 - Frosh Trip
  • Friday, August 28 - Command Center Clean-up

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