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Outdoor Action

Leadership Starts Here

Leadership Starts Here

The OA Leadership Starts Here Initiative is Outdoor Action's leadership development program for undergraduate and graduate students. We offer a series of educational trainings and workshops designed to develop your leadership potential both inside and outside the classroom. These trainings are open to the entire campus and you do not have to become an OA Leader.

The Merits of Risk

Some assume the merits of risk to be self-evident (no A's without F's). Yet, this isn't a commonly shared value among students, parents, or even peer educators; they often don't understand risk and rarely advocate for it, seeking only "safe" opportunities. All students must embrace risk if they want to reach their potential and be prepared for the future that awaits. Presented by Christopher Barnes, Founder of the High Mountain Institute.

OA Reunions 2016 - Exploring Foundations of Effective Leadership

Princeton graduates serve in countless leadership positions around the world from entrepreneurs to teachers, directors to parents. Understanding the traits and behaviors that make leaders effective is critical for any organization, and applies to students on campus and alumni in the world at large. Join us for a panel that brings together experts on leadership from academics, business, government, the non-profit sector and current Outdoor Action student leaders to explore what makes leaders effective and how to enhance your own foundations of effective leadership.


By the campus community, for our campus community

Leadership means taking an active role as a member of the Princeton community. That means actively supporting the values that underly this diverse educationnal community. The OA Leadership Starts Here Initiative encourages everyone to become actively involved with UMatter.

Leadership 101 & 102 Training

Developing effective Leadership and Group Facilitation skills are essential for all OA Leaders, and anyone serving in a leadership role. There are two workshops offered by OA which focus on Leadership Development. You will learn about your personal style of leadership and how to modify your leadership style to work with the specific needs of your group. You'll also learn important concepts like building an effective group contract, listening and debriefing skills as well as fun team building games and activities to help bring a group together.