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Outdoor Action

Leadership Starts Here

Arrival for Frosh Trip

Outdoor Action Check-in is after dinner on Sunday, August 22 in Dillon Gym. Check-in is staggered based on trip assignment, so please arrive at the time indicated in your email.

You don't need to bring any equipment to Dillon Gym Check-in. At Check-in you'll meet the other members of your OA group and your OA Leaders. After Check-in you will head over to one of your Leader's rooms to spend the rest of the evening getting to know your group and learning about your activities for the week. You'll spend Sunday night in your dorm room and meet your group for breakfast on Monday morning and head out for the day's adventure!

Map of Groups in Dillon Gym

The map below corresponds to the Trip Number that will be emailed to you on Saturday. Meet your group at the spot on the main gym floor in Dillon Gym that roughly corresponds to the location on the map below. Your Leaders will be there with a sign that has your Group Number on it (Example: A1). Make sure to give them your first and last name so they can check you in. If for any reason you have forgotten your group number, there will be students in the lobby who will be able to tell you your assignment.It is possible that there will be last minute switches in which case your Leaders will direct you to a different group.



700 map new.png


730 map new.png


8pm map new.png


830 map new.png