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Advanced Leader Training Trip

Fall 2016 ALTT on Old Rag

The Advanced Leader Training Trip (ALTT) is a 5-night backpacking trip designed for those OA leaders who have led at least one trip and who want to focus on further developing their leadership and interpersonal skills. The advanced leadership techniques developed during the trip will be applicable both to the wilderness and to other areas of campus life. It will take place in a remote wilderness location. Although the focus will depend on the specific goals of the participants, leadership abilities and interpersonal skills will be emphasized over the teaching of advanced technical skills. Participants will learn to be aware of their own weaknesses (and strengths) and how they can continue to improve upon those in the future. Complex simulations will challenge participants’ technical, group management, and problem solving abilities; throughout, awareness of one’s own leadership and different leadership styles will be emphasized. There will be significant opportunities to practice debriefing groups both formally and informally. The ALTT promises to be a challenging, yet ultimately fun and rewarding trip. Participants should possess a desire to reflect upon and improve their leadership.

Applications Due: March 9

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