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OA Equipment Rental

OA Equipment Room Location: 350 Alexander StreetOA Equipment Room Mao

Equipment rental is only for students, faculty and staff of Princeton University. PUID required. 

No rentals during spring break, reading period, and final exams. Limited schedule during midterms.

Contract Demyan Hryciw (demyanh at) for questions.


Reviewing Equipment: Before any trip, it is important to thoroughly check your gear and ensure that you have all of the necessary pieces and that they are all properly functioning.  The Equipment Room staff strive to check for this when preparing for your order, but sometimes errors occur.  Please double check all of your gear before leaving the ER to avoid last-minute issues.  If you are unsure of how to use a piece of equipment, please ask the staff to teach you.  

It is especially important to check that you have all 5 components of a tent: tent body (mesh), tent fly (water proof), poles (ALL the right poles for this tent), stakes, and a ground tarp (clear tarp to waterproof the ground).

Cost: Charges will be assessed on the basis of:

  1. Number of days/nights that the equipment is used (not the total number of days between when the equipment is picked-up and when it is returned)
  2. Number of days the equipment is past due.

Payment: Preferred form of payment is charging a student account, but we also accept check and cash (exact change necessary).

Return:  Equipment must be returned clean and in good condition. 

  1. Items returned that must be cleaned by ER staff will be assessed a $5.00 cleaning charge.
  2. If items are damaged or lost during use, the renters will will be charged for damages incurred or replacement.