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Outdoor Action

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OA Paddling Program

OA Paddling Program

kayaker 2 in poolOutdoor Action offers a variety of paddling programs including flatwater and whitewater canoeing on the Frosh Trip, local canoeing trips in the Princeton area and kayaking training class in the pool.



OA Guide to Canoeing & Kayaking

OA Guide to Planning a Safe River Trip - an article about how to run a safe river trip that applies the Dynamics of Accidents Model to paddling situations.

OA Paddling Decision Tree - a checklist to help you decide "do I run this drop/paddle this or not?"

OA Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries

Kayaking Eskimo Rolling

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Local Paddling Areas and Gauge Information

Never run any whitewater river without accurate guidebook information, knowledge of how water levels effect the river, proper experience, proper equipment, rescue equipment and training, scouting, and good folks to paddle with. High water levels can significantly change the character of any river, even ones you have run dozens of times before.