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Frosh Trip Coordinator Positions

Frosh Trip Coordinator Positions Summer 2024

We are working in collaboration with the Orientation office to plan for Orientation 2024 and the program details for the Class of 2028. Frosh Trip Coordinators will play a vital role in developing and implementing this year's iteration of our annual orientation experience. We hope that you will consider joining the team to help us welcome the Class of 2028 by providing them with an incredible and unforgettable orientation experience!

The OA Frosh Trip is one of the largest outdoor orientation programs in the country. It takes a lot of preparation to support a program with approximately 180 Leaders and 660 first-year participants. Outdoor Action is hiring OA Leaders to work full-time throughout the summer as Frosh Trip Coordinators. It's a great opportunity to learn how outdoor programs work behind the scenes, develop your planning skills, connect with the natural world, and contribute something really important to OA and to the Class of 2028. Previous Frosh Trip Coordinators agree that a summer with OA is unlike anything else, in terms of both your impact on the campus community and your own personal development as a leader.  After the conclusion of Frosh Trip, we hope you'll agree with them that "this is the most rewarding summer experience I've ever had."

Job Responsibilities

Being an FTC is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in management and leadership, as well as outdoor education. Being flexible and enthusiastic about working on a variety of programs is a key part of joining the OA team. Our goal is to create a stimulating and rewarding summer experience for you.

FTCs can expect a mix of individual responsibilities, partner tasks, and full-team projects. Through this variety, FTCs expand their capacity to work independently as well as collaboratively, and everyone has the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of projects.  FTCs meet regularly with the Program Coordinator throughout the summer for personalized coaching and feedback. Coordinators also participate in a series of team-building and professional development opportunities with the other members of the OA team. 

FTCs will learn and implement many new skills in the process of planning approximately 65 in-person trips. Skill areas will include route & menu planning, equipment inventorying and ordering, researching new trip areas and activities, and general project management. Each coordinator is in charge of 2-3 major trip locations. The coordinator is responsible for all aspects of trip planning for those locations including routes, permits, and transportation. FTCs also work in small teams to manage, inventory, and order a section of the Equipment Room (e.g. medical supplies). This position includes various experiential elements including hands-on equipment repair and possible scouting trips to new outdoor locations. 

Position Details: 

  • This is an in-person, on-campus position. 
  • Salary will be paid hourly at $18/hour over 13 weeks along with a stipend covering 50% of the on-campus housing/14-meal dining contract. Projected summer earnings is $10,800. Salary is paid every 2 weeks through the student employment system.
  • After the Frosh Trip there will be additional 10 hours/week of paid time throughout September to close out the trips (with additional paid salary).
  • Full time candidates available to start June 3 will be given preference. We are considering candidates for part-time work (either full summer with less than 36 hours/week or full-time starting later in the summer) 


  • You must have completed on-campus portions of OA leader training. Preference will be given to those who have led at least one multi-day OA trip and/or who have completed a Leader Training Trip. If you have not completed all of leader training, but have demonstrated significant dedication to OA through other involvements (e.g. Command Center staff), you are also eligible. 
  • Other qualifications are being flexible, well-organized, and comfortable taking initiative and working independently. Effective communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with team members are also essential.
  • FTCs are eligible to lead Frosh Trip, but are not required to do so (e.g. Graduating Seniors or OA Leaders who will be RCAs in Fall 2024 are eligible to be FTCs)

More Information: To find out more, email one of the previous Frosh Trip Coordinators: Dylan Bissonnette '26, Max Kriedl '24, Masi Nagdee '24 or contact Candace Brendler or Rick Curtis at the OA Office.

General Work Information for Full-time:

  • The job duties average 36.25 hours ("full-time") per week in June and July. More than 36.25 hours/week is required during August, including some evening and weekend hours. 
  • Work hours are typically 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. There are some additional hours which are required as part of the summer and will be paid hourly. This may include evening conference calls in June and regular Thursday evening events at the Equipment Room (ER).
  • Flex-hours are possible on a limited basis, with advance permission from the OA Program Coordinator. (I.e. student who has an infrequent commitment during the standard Monday - Friday 9-5 hours can make up those hours through evening or weekend work.)
  • FTCs have 5 days of vacation. Vacation scheduling must be pre-approved by the OA Program Coordinator to avoid conflicts with program scheduling and usually falls in late June or in July.

The full list of responsibilities is outlined in the FTC Summer Contract. If you are accepted for one of the FTC positions, you'll be asked to sign this summer contract.

Applications accepted on a rolling basis

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