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Frosh Trip Coordinator Positions

Frosh Trip Coordinator Positions Summer 2018

The OA Frosh Trip is the largest outdoor orientation program in the country. It takes a lot of preparation to send 800 people into the outdoors for a week each September. Outdoor Action is hiring OA Leaders to work full-time next summer from the week after graduation through Frosh Trip. It's a great opportunity to learn how one of the country's largest outdoor orientation program works behind the scenes, develop your trip planning skills, spend time in the outdoors, and contribute something really important to OA and to the Class of 2022. Previous Frosh Trip Coordinators agree that a summer with OA is unlike anything else, in terms of both your impact on the campus community and your own personal development as a leader.  After the conclusion of Frosh Trip, we hope you'll agree with them that "this is the most rewarding summer experience I've ever had."

Frosh Trip Coordinators (FTC)

Job Responsibilities: This is a challenging and extremely rewarding position that requires you to learn and implement many skills including logistics, route and menu planning, equipment inventory and ordering, trip assignments, researching new trip areas and activities. Each coordinator is in charge of 2-3 major trip locations (e.g. Rothrock, Shenandoahs, and Vermont). You will be responsible for all aspects of trip planning for those locations including routes, permits, and transportation. You will also be responsible for managing, inventorying, and ordering for a section of the Equipment Room (e.g. medical supplies). At the end of the summer it is incredibly gratifying to see the end result of all your efforts come together in the form of another successful Frosh Trip! Being an FTC is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested management and leadership, as well as outdoor education. In addition, coordinators may, depending on program need, spend a few days of the summer scouting the areas that they are responsible for, in order to gain in-depth knowledge for planning and briefing purposes.

Qualifications: You must have completed all of the OA leader training requirements and have led at least one multi-day OA trip. In addition, you need to be well-organized and a self-starter to take on this position of significant responsibility.


  • Salary: The Coordinator position is a 12-week summer internship with a salary of $6,500 for the entire summer. Coordinators will be paid every two weeks through the student employment system.

More Information: To find out more email one of last year’s Coordinators (Rye Anderson '18, Will Nolan '19, Maggie McCallister '19, Valerie Wilson '18)

General Work Information:

  • The job duties average 40 hours per week in June and July. More than 40 hours a week is required during the month of August which will include some evening and weekend hours. These hours are part of the internship and are covered by the fixed stipend.
  • Work hours are typically 9:00 – 5:00 Monday through Friday through most of the summer, and do not include any commuting time. Flex-hours are possible on a limited basis, with advance permission from the OA Director. That is, a student who has an infrequent commitment during the standard Monday - Friday 9-5 hours can be away from the office during part of the day and make those hours up through evening or weekend work.
  • There are some additional hours which are required as part of the summer contract including such things as: Evening conference calls for leader pairings in June, and Thursday evenings in the ER throughout the summer. These hours are part of the internship and are covered by the fixed stipend.
  • Students accepted for this position are required to sign a summer contract that details the work requirements and compensation.
  • FTCs have 1 week (5 days) of vacation.  Vacation scheduling must be pre-approved by the OA Director to avoid conflicts with program scheduling, and usually falls in July.

The full list of responsibilities is outlined in the FTC Summer Contract. If you are accepted for one of the FTC positions, you'll be asked to sign this summer contract.

Priority Application Deadline: Monday, November 27 at 5pm