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Places to Go

These are options for getting outdoors in the Princeton area.

During the New Jersey COVID-19 Stay at Home requirements, it is important to know what areas are open and that changes frequently so you should check local news sources before going out. Here are some links, but things change too fast for us to keep this completely up to date:

  • Institute Wooods Map

    Institute Woods

    The Institute for Advanced Study Woods and Charles H. Rogers Wildlife Refuge form a 300-acre tract of deciduous forest bounded on the east side by the wet woodlands and marsh of the Refuge. Though crisscrossed by a network of trails and a sewer right-of-way, the Woods include a small area of virgin forest and harbor an unusual number of bird species, particularly during the songbird migration seasons. For this reason, the Woods are described in many birding guides and hiking books, and birders from all over the country come to visit.

  • Mountain Biking Areas near Princeton, NJ

    Whenever mountain biking make sure that you are properly equipped including a helmet, water, extra tubes and repair kit, bike tools, etc. Also be aware of other people using the trail--hikers, folks on horesback, etc. By treating the land and others properly, we can all enjoy the trails.

  • Commercial Climbing Walls in the New Jersey Area

    There are a number of commercial climbing gyms in central New Jersey.

  • Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park

    The 70-mile Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park is one of central New Jersey's most popular recreational corridors for canoeing, jogging, hiking, bicycling, fishing and horseback riding. The canal and the park are part of the National Recreation Trail System. This linear park is also a valuable wildlife corridor connecting fields and forests. The D&R Canal parallels Lake Carnegie and provides easy access from campus for walking, running, and biking both north and south.

  • Biking Mercer County

    The Mercer Country Bikeability Web Site provides detailed trail maps raking the best roads for biking throughout Mercer County.

  • Mountain Lakes Trail Map

    Mountain Lakes Open Space Area

    The Mountain Lakes Open Space Area, a “central park” in Princeton, consists of some 400 acres just north of the center of town, most of it open to the public. It has a wide variety of hiking trails- and two biking trails – some connecting to other trails outside of the area described here. Along with views of Tusculum, the estate built by John Witherspoon, and historic Coventry Farm, it features a great variety of open fields, several small streams and lakes, old stone walls, boulder fields, and old growth pine and hardwood forests. The area is divided into five sections: The Billy Johnson...

  • Camping Places Close to Princeton

    The closest place to camp near Princeton is Washington Crossing State Park along the Delaware River in Titusville, NJ.