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Outdoor Action

Leadership Starts Here

Leadership 101 & 102 Training

Developing effective Leadership and Group Facilitation skills are essential for all OA Leaders, and anyone serving in a leadership role. There are two workshops offered by OA which focus on Leadership Development. You will learn about your personal style of leadership and how to modify your leadership style to work with the specific needs of your group. You'll also learn important concepts like building an effective group contract, listening and debriefing skills as well as fun team building games and activities to help bring a group together. These workshops are open to all students who lead groups. You do not have to be going through OA Leader Training to attend.

Leadership A, B & C

  • Understand the importance of Full Value Contract in establishing and maintaining group norms.
  • Understand the Experiential Learning Cycle and the role that leaders play in creating an experience that promotes interpersonal growth
  • Learn the Learning/Leadership Zones: Comfort Zone/Learning Zone/Panic Zone
  • Understand how implementing Challenge by Choice and Choose to be Challenged provides personal choice and encourages people to step into their Learning Zone.
  • Understand the importance of setting the tone for the group at the very beginning of the trip and how a trip needs to be sequenced to build towards a growth-producing experience
  • Develop Active Listening Skills & Listening for Curiosity
  • Learn how to manage individual and group conflict through the VOMP Model (Voice-Ownership-Empathy-Plan)
  • Learn the importance of creating Safe Space and the difference between Safe and Uncomfortable.
  • Learn how to give feedback through the Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI) Model
  • Learn how Leadership Style depends on the situation and experience of the group. Learn how to balance your Task-oriented Behaviors and Relationship-oriented Behaviors into either Directive, Democratic or Delegative styles
  • Understanding your preferred Leadership Style and how that interacts with your co-leaders’ style
  • Learn the 4 Basic Stages of Group Development and the appropriate leadership style for each stage
  • Develop techniques for debriefing and processing that encourage self-disclosure and personal growth

See the for dates and times and to sign up for Leadership 101 and Leadership 102. We recommend that you take 101 before 102.