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How to Sign up for Trips

OA TripStore - Trips during the year

OA trip and activity signups during the year including Leader Training are handled through the OA TripStore. 

You need to be a current Princeton University student, faculty or staff member in order to sign up. All current students have a default profile on TripStore and can login by clicking the button below. If you are a faculty or staff member and have never been on TripStore before, click the login button and you'll be prompted to create a new user profile on TripStore to track your sign-ups.

Once on TripStore you can sign up for trips, training and activities, manage your profile, and cancel activities.

TripStore is only available to current Princeton University students, faculty and staff.

Login to TripStore


  1. Login through the Central Authentication Service
  2. All undergraduates and graduate students have automatic profiles
  3. Faculty and staff will be prompted to create a new profile if they don't have one on the system

Browser Requirements

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