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Frosh Trip Leader Application 2022

Frosh Trip 2022

Thank you for applying to be a part of the 2022 Orientation Team.

OA Frosh Trip Leaders play a tremendous role in welcoming incoming students to Princeton and introducing first-year & transfer students to our shared values and traditions.

Types of Trips: 

All trips will continue to follow the tried-and-true OA formula of groups spending time outdoors overcoming challenges and building relationships. The primary activity for most trips will be hiking, but that will be broken up throughout the day with breaks, activities, and conversations with your group. The FTCs are also researching opportunities to expand into additional activities, such as adding an afternoon of paddling to many trips.   

Base Camp Trips: Leader Eligibility - leaders who have led a Frosh Trip before or who have completed an LTT

We are planning for the majority of OA groups to be basecamp trips this year. Hiking Basecamp trips will stay at group campsites in the middle of a state park, similar to the recent LTTs in Harriman and the Delaware Water Gap.  Each day, you will head out for a new adventure, doing day hikes through the park, only carrying a light backpack (water, lunch, etc.). You may also spend a day canoeing/kayaking on a lake near the campground. We’re really excited about these trip options because you get the joy of being fully immersed in the outdoors but none of the stress of getting to camp after dark and searching for an adequate tarp site. Basecamp groups will sleep under tents or tarps at their assigned campgrounds and do all of the group cooking over stoves. There will be toilets, running water, and some may have shower facilities.  

Backcountry Trips: Leader Eligibility - leaders who have completed an LTT

We plan to have a few backcountry trips in the regions whose regulations allow for our larger group size. Trips may be backpacking (with a full backpacking backpack) in a state park or canoeing on the flatwater section of the Delaware River. Each day, the group will travel to a new campsite, transporting all of their belongings with them. Similar to basecamp trips, backcountry trips will sleep under a large tarp and do all of their cooking outdoors as a group at the campsite. 

Day Trips: Leader Eligibility - leaders who have completed some parts of on-campus Leader Training

There will be a small number of trips that will be day trips. Taking the “best of the best” from Frosh Trip 2021, our updated “bus trips” will explore the outdoor spaces that got the best reviews from Leaders and Participants last year. There will also be a few groups that stay in and around Princeton (in order to accommodate those who may need to access campus resources during the time of the trip) and get a truly multidisciplinary experience—yoga, canoeing, climbing, biking, etc. For these trips, you will sleep on campus each night. Some meals will be eaten in the dining halls on campus and others will be picnics outdoors. 

Being an Orientation Leader is a significant responsibility. All OA Orientation Leaders are required to:

Participate Fully:

  • Be prepared to fully commit to OA. During the period of Pre-Trip & Frosh Trip, you should not plan to have any non-OA responsibilities (e.g. internships).
  • Complete any required online summer training modules created by Orientation or Outdoor Action
  • Participate in all aspects of Pretrip for Central Orientation and Outdoor Action.
  • Participate in all of the required OA post-trip events including deissue, debriefs and post-trip feedback forms.

Act as an Orientation Leader:

  • I will facilitate conversations and activities with my participants as part of the overall University orientation curriculum and support the mission and values of Princeton University and Outdoor Action.
  • I will cultivate a respectful and inclusive environment for my participants and co-leaders.
  • I understand that I am an ongoing source of support and mentoring beyond the trip and agree to be a resource to my participants throughout their first year.
  • I agree not to serve alcohol to my participants during their first year.

Be dedicated to the development of an effective leadership team:

  • I agree to contribute as an equal member of my co-leadership team.
  • I will do daily debriefs and planning sessions with my co-leader(s) to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.
  • I will provide positive and constructive feedback to my coleader(s) and will receive it as well.

In addition to agreeing to the expectations above, the Orientation Leader Application includes two essays as a way for you to demonstrate your commitment to the University's Orientation goals.

Frosh Trip Dates 2022

Orientation for the Class of 2026 will begin on Friday, August 26, and continue through Monday, September 5, 2022. The small-group experiences will kick-off this year on the evening of Saturday, August 27, and continue until Wednesday, August 31. Classes begin on Tuesday, September 6. Move-in for leaders will be on Monday, August 22 with OA Leader Check-in starting at 5:00 PM.

More information on move-in logistics will be forthcoming over the summer. You will receive a link to the Orientation Leader Canvas site over the summer that will prepare you with resources and provide information for your leader role.

Leader Eligibility

We anticipate having a variety of leadership roles for Orientation 2022 in order to accomodate folks at different stages in the leader-training process. We encourage everyone to complete as much of training as possible as it will create the most opportunities for types of trips that you are able to lead. 

Core components of training expected for all (completed by end of Spring Semester):

  • Leadership Workshop Series (either 101 & 102 OR Parts A-B-C OR the 4-part Wintersession 2021 series)
  • Outdoor Technical Skills Series (either in-person training (full day) OR Parts X & Y OR the 3-part Wintersession 2021 series)
  • Managing Safety Workshop

Completing the above training AND the following make you eligible for a Leader Training Trip:

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • CPR

Having completed a Leader Training Trip (LTT) creates the greatest number of opportunities for types of trips you can lead. 

If you have questions about your eligibility, please reach out to OA Program Coordinator Caroline Perkins

For returning leaders: We are aware that some of you may have expiring wilderness first and/or CPR certifications.  There is not a specific recertification course to take, so you will need to take a new CPR and/or Wilderness First Aid course. Both courses are being offered this April (see We also plan to offer in August prior to the start of pre-trip (requiring returning to campus early on Saturday, August 20). 

Leader Training

It is not too late to begin Leader Training! All courses are being offered throughout the month of April-- registration is available at (view 'Upcoming Events' for Outdoor Action). 

Apply Online Now

Here are the Essay Questions that are part of the application. We recommend that you write them all first and then cut and paste them into your application.

  • What do you see as the Orientation goals for Frosh Trip? (200 - 300 words)
  • Why do you feel that you will be a good role model for freshmen? (200 - 300 words)
  • Briefly describe yourself to help us match you with the right co-leader (100 - 200 words)

Applications are now open