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Frosh Trip Leader Application 2019

Frosh Trip 2019

Thank you for applying to be a part of the 2019 Orientation Team. OA Frosh Trip Leaders play a tremendous role in welcoming incoming students to Princeton and introducing first-year & transfer students to our shared values and traditions.

Being an Orientation Leader is a significant responsibility. All OA Orientation Leaders are required to:

Complete All Orientation Leader Required Trainings:

  • Attend the 90-minute required Orientation Leader Training with multiple dates and times scheduled in April and May (to be announced)
  • Complete the required Orientation Leader Online Training Modules during the summer
  • Arrive on Tuesday, August 27 by 5:00 PM
  • Participate in all aspects of Pretrip

Participate Fully:

  • Arrive on Tuesday, August 27 by 5:00 PM
  • Participate in all aspects of Pretrip for Central Orientation and Outdoor Action
  • Participate in all of the required OA post-trip events including deissue, debriefs and post-trip feedback forms.

Act as an Orientation Leader:

  • I will facilitate conversations and activities with my participants as part of the overall University orientation curriculum and support the mission and values of Princeton University and Outdoor Action.
  • I will cultivate a respectful and inclusive environment for my participants and co-leaders.
  • I understand that I am an ongoing source of support and mentoring beyond the trip and agree to be a resource to my participants throughout their freshmen year.
  • I agree not to serve alcohol to my participants during their freshmen year.

Be dedicated to the development of an effective leadership team:

  • I agree to contribute as an equal member of my co-leadership team.
  • I will do daily debriefs and planning sessions with my co-leader(s) to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.
  • I will provide positive and constructive feedback to my coleader(s) and will receive it as well.


In addition to agreeing to the expectations above, the Orientation Leader Application includes two essays as a way for you to demonstrate your commitment to the University's Orientation goals.

Current Leaders:

  • Application Deadline: 5:00 PM Monday, March 25
  • Notification: By Monday, April 1


  • Application Deadline: midnight (11:59pm) Wednesday, April 24
  • Notification: Wednesday, June 12 (after all spring LTTs have returned)

You should not make travel arrangements for August until AFTER your Notification Date.

Frosh Trip Dates 2019

ALL Leaders have to be back on campus on Tuesday, 8/27 by 5:00 PM. No exceptions. If you are assigned to one of the trips that requires additional training (see below) you will need to return on the date specified.

  • Tuesday (8/27), 5:00 PM: Leader Check-in Dillon
  • Wednesday - Sunday (8/28-9/1): Pre-Trip Training Workshops
  • Sunday (9/1), 6:30 PM: Frosh OA Check-in
  • Monday - Friday (9/2-9/6): Frosh Trip
  • Saturday (9/7): Leader Clean-up
  • Monday-Tuesday (9/9-9/10): Trip Debriefs

Early Training Dates 2019

If you are selected to lead a specialty trip, you will need to return early for extra training. When you are notified of the status of your leader application, you will also be notified if you have been selected for a speciaty trip.

  • Monday, 8/19 - Food & Gear Packers Return
  • Saturday, 8/24 - Climbers, Canoers
  • Sunday, 8/25 - Bikers, Nature & Mindfulness and Farmers Return

ER Thursdays throughout the Summer

If you are going to be on campus this summer, please check this on your application form.

We'll invite you to join us every Thursday down at the Equipment Room for "ER Thursdays". Its a fun weekly gathering of OA leaders--we provide free dinner, while you hang out with other leaders and help us with equipment inventory, repair, and packing to get things ready for Frosh Trip.

CPR & Wilderness First Aid Certifications

If you took CPR & Wilderness First Aid thorugh OA in Spring 2017 or earlier, you are in need of recertification before Frosh Trip. All first aid certifications must be current by May 8 in order to be eligible to lead.


  • All Leaders must have a current Adult CPR certification (either Red Cross or American Heart Association) during Frosh Trip. Courses are offered by OA April & May--visit OA TripStore  to sign-up.
    • Saturday, April 6th, 1pm (BLS class-- higher level of certification)
    • Saturday, April 27th, 1pm (BLS class-- higher level of certification)
    • Wednesday, May 8th, 10am
    • Thursday, May 9th, 1:30pm
  • If you choose to take a CPR course outside OA, email (oa at princeton dot edu) a copy/photo of your certification card.
  • American Heart Association taught by OA is good for 2 years. Red Cross Certification is good for one year.

Wilderness First Aid

  • Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder is required to be eligible to lead.
  • HEART Certification lasts 2 years-- if you took HEART in Spring 2017 or earlier, your certification will expire before Frosh Trip 2019.
  • HEART Re-Certification courses are available in the Leaders Only section of OA TripStore.
    • Saturday, April 6 (1-6pm)
    • Friday, April 26th (1:30-6:30pm)
    • Wednesday, May 8 (1-6pm)

Off-Campus this Semester?

If you are in need of recertication but are off-campus this semester, you can sign-up for the pre-trip recertification classes.

  • Sunday, August 25: Return to Campus
  • Monday, August 26: HEART Recert Class
  • Tuesday, August 27: HEART testing (9am-12pm), CPR Class (1pm-4pm)

The pre-trip recertification classes are ONLY available for those not currently on campus.

Types of Trips

When you apply to be part of FT 2019, you are agreeing to serve in the role and location which you are assigned to, without complaints.

We will take into account your location preferences and pairing requests, however, in a program of this size, it is not possible to fulfill everyone's requests. You will receive your specific trip assignment and your co-leader(s) when you arrive on campus in August.

OA is offering a broad range of trips for this year’s Frosh Trip. Information about all of the different trip types can be found at the bottom of this Frosh Trip page.

Please rank your trip interests on the application form.

If you are selected to lead, you will be notified of the type of trip you will be leading, and any early training you need to return for.

Apply Online

Here is the special information you'll need to put in your application. Dig it up before going to the online application.

  • Your Health Insurance Provider (what insurance company)
  • Your Health Insurance Group Number and your Subscriber Number
  • Doctor's Name and Phone Number

We highly recommend writing your essays in Word and then pasting them into the text boxes to avoid losing your work if there are any Web site issues.

I am ready to apply!

Here are the Essay Questions that are part of the application. We recommend that you write them all first and then cut and paste them into your application.

  • What do you see as the Orientation goals for Frosh Trip? (200 - 300 words)
  • Why do you feel that you will be a good role model for freshmen? (200 - 300 words)

Apply to Lead Now

Other Applications

Frosh Trip Coordinator Position

All 2019 FTC positions have been filled.

Early Food & Gear Packers

Once again we'll be hiring 10-15 leaders to come back a week early (starting Monday, 8/19) to do final equipment and food packing. You'll be able to move into commingled housing (free) and we are paying $11.25/hour. Sign up for Food & Gear Packers on TripStore under the Leader's Only section.