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Frosh Trip



Explore Day Hikes in Harriman State Park!

Based out of a campground in Harriman State Park, Basecamp & Hiking Trips will introduce you to the basics of camping, while retaining some of the comforts of frontcountry life.  The campground has bathrooms and showers for personal needs, and picnic tables and water pumps to make cooking and eating easier. 

Because of the campsites' central location, time spent transporting gear is kept to a minimum. Each day will be another adventure on a day hike to some of the most specatular places in the park, returning to the campground each night...

The Frosh Trip Photo Reunion!
Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 26 in Frist MPR
Nothing could be more fun than getting back together with your group! Come hang out and share your photos. If you have photos that you took with your own camera, bring them on a flash drive or bring your SD card so that we can get a copy (and feature you on the OA website!).
Wednesday, September 26 - Frist MPR
Photos, Food & Fun!
7:30 pm - 8:30pm: Harriman (H), Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), Vermont (GR), Nature & Mindfulness (NM)
8:30pm - 9:30pm: Rothrock...

Welcome to Outdoor Action. OA can provide backpacks and sleeping bags if you requested those on your application before August 12 (check requests here).

You will need to bring personal equipment. By now you have received an Equipment List explaining what you need for your trip. In order to help you gather what you need, Princeton has set up a number of online-only discounts with companies to assist you in purchasing low cost items that will meet the needs of your trip. The specific instructions for how to activate your discounts are available here.

See the Equipment...