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Outdoor Action

Leadership Starts Here


By the campus community, for our campus community

Leadership means taking an active role as a member of the Princeton community. That means actively supporting the values that underly this diverse educationnal community. The OA Leadership Starts Here Initiative encourages everyone to become actively involved with UMatter.

Princeton’s UMatter was created by students, staff and faculty working in partnership. Through educational programs, social media presence and a website that functions as a hub of information, Princeton’s UMatter promotes:

  • Being an effective bystander  – Getting involved BEFORE problems escalate, in order to prevent harm.
  • Making healthy choices  Practicing self-care to achieve our full potential at Princeton and beyond.
  • Caring for others – Each of us doing our part to look out for others and offer help and support.
  • Taking action – Going beyond awareness to take action.

UMatter’s Framework

Princeton’s UMatter was created to provide a framework that links prevention initiatives across the campus. Under the UMatter brand, students, faculty, and staff can more easily find resources, learn skills, and utilize them to intervene effectively as a bystander and make healthy choices.

UMatter helps the Princeton community prevent and address three health and safety issues common to college campuses:

In addition, Action Matters is a cross-cutting theme emphasizing the importance of making active choices, both for your own well-being and to support the health and safety of those around you.