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Outdoor Action

Leadership Starts Here

Caroline Stone

Program Coordinator, Outdoor Action

Caroline, a South Carolina native, studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at Princeton before graduating in 2014. Motivated by an interest in experiential learning and a desire to spend time outside, Caroline spent a semester with the EEB department’s field program at Mpala Research Centre in Kenya. As an undergraduate, Caroline was a member of Forbes College, and can regularly be found in the dining hall, enjoying meals as a Forbes Fellow; she never turns down an invitation to meet with students over a Forbes lunch!

Like so many OA participants, Caroline had never been backpacking before her own OA Frosh Trip as a first-year student, and wasn't sure how she felt about the idea. She quickly discovered that building meaningful relationships with her peers in the backcountry far outweighed the downsides of carrying a backpack, and soon she was seeking ways to spend every break out on the trail with her OA peers.  After graduating, she was very excited to join the OA Professional Staff and continue to be involved with outdoor leadership development.

As Program Coordinator, Caroline primarily focuses on interacting with students and student-led committees. She supervises the Frosh Trip Coordinators each summer and supports the overall logistical and operational needs of the OA Small Group Orientation Experience (Frosh Trip).  During the academic year, she focuses on student leadership development through facilitating workshops, developing curricula, mentoring individual students, and working with the Leader Trainer Committee.

When not in Dillon Court West, Caroline enjoys any excuse to be outside-- from running in nearby Mountain Lakes, backpacking along the East Coast, and dabbling with kayaking and rock climbing.

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