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Canoeing on the D&R Canal!

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Join us in celebrating the Fall weather by canoeing on the Canal!

Located at the southern edge of campus, the D&R Canal is a perfect place for quick afternoon canoe trip.  You're almost guaranteed to happen upon dozens and dozens of sunning turtles, as well as other exciting riparian wildlife. 


Thursday, October 12- Deadline to sign-up.

Sunday, October 15

Shift 1: meet outside Forbes at 1pm (will return by 3pm)

Shift 2: meet outside Forbes at 2pm (will return by 4pm)

Canoeing with OA!

Let the water carry you down stream!

On Canoe trips, all of the group camping gear, food, and personal equipment get piled into the canoes and are carried downstream by the current as you paddle along.  Canoe trips paddle down the Delaware River, passing through New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (and some groups cross "Tri-State Rock" at the junction of all three states). Canoe mileage varies depending on how quickly the stream is flowing, but usually 4-8 hours/ day are spent on the water.