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Outdoor Equipment

MSR Wind Pro II Stove

The incredible efficiency and versatility of the original WindPro stove, adapted to burn inverted canisters for liquid-feed. The results are increased cold weather performance, faster boil times and a more consistent output over the life of every canister in the MSR Windpro II Stove. 

Example Hiking Boots


For Frosh Trip backpacking trips, you will need a pair of mid-weight hiking boots.  There are a number of options available from a variety of retailers.  Below are a few examples of suitable boots.  

Remember, hiking boots should cover your ankle and fit well with two pairs of sock (a mid-weight wool hiking sock plus a thin synthetic liner sock)


OA Equipment Rental


OA Equipment Room Location: 350 Alexander StreetOA Equipment Room Mao

Equipment rental is only for students, faculty and staff of Princeton University. PUID required. 

Fall 2022 Hours (beginning October 5th)

  • Wednesdays 4:430-6:30pm
  • Fridays 1:30-3:30pm

Not open during breaks and final exams. Limited schedule during midterms. 



OA Equipment Rental & Hours

OA has a wide variety of backpacking, general camping, biking, and other equipment available for rental by the Princeton University community only (PUID REQUIRED) on a minimal rental fee basis. If you are interested in running your own trip and need equipment (sleeping bags, backpacks, bike panniers, stoves, cooking gear, etc.), please contact the OA Office).