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Leader Training Trip

Leading a group on a multi-day trip either in a base camp setting or a backcountry setting requires extensive training in outdoor camping skills, effective first aid, judgment and decision making, leadership and group facilitation. The final part of OA Leader Training is the Leader Training Trip (LTT), a 6-day trip which pulls together all of the skills you have been learning all semester. During the trip participants will be Leaders-of-the-day and in charge of the group including route planning, equipment preparation, travel techniques, map and compass, outdoor cooking, first aid and emergency response, and Leave No Trace camping. There are options for both Base Camp Trips that stay in one location for students interested in leading those types of multi-day trips and Trail-based trips for those interested in leader trips that take place in a backcountry setting.

To take part in an LTT participants must have completed all other leader training requirements. LTTs are typically offered in January over Intersession or in May after final exams.

See the OA TripStore for dates and times and to sign up.

Intersession Leader Training Trips

The Intersession Leader Training Trips go to the Florida Trail in the Ocala National Forest during Intersession in January. The trips leave on Sunday morning, after the last day of final exams and return the following Saturday evening.

Spring Semester Leader Training Trips

LTTs leave on the day listed by 9:00 AM. The previous afternoon and evening are packing and trip prep so you need to be finished exams/commitments by noon the day before the trip leaves. For people making travel plans after the trips, your trip will get back to campus around 5:00 PM the last day of your trip. You should not plan to leave campus until 7:00 PM or later so if you are making airplane reservations, you may need to fly out the following day. Most people in your group will end up staying on campus together the night the trip returns.

Trip Dates will be announced after Spring Break

Our ability to offer trips on specific dates is dependent on final exam schedules--for both the Leader Trainers and the Trainees. In order to be included on a Leader Training Trip you need to do two things:

The deadline for signing up will be in March. After that we will go through all of the requests and place people on trips based on availability and then let you know fo your specific trip assignment.


For reference, the 2018 LTT dates are below. Not all trip dates are offered each year, and the scheduling process demands great flexibility in order to accomodate everyone interested.  Please avoid making plans that restrict your LTT availaibility (we recommend being available for 3-5 possible trip dates).

Trip 1: Monday, May 21- Saturday, May 26

Trip 2: Tuesday, May 22- Sunday, May 27

Trip 3: Wednesday, May 23- Monday, May 28

Trip 4: Thursday, May 24- Tuesday, May 29

Trip 5: Friday, May 25- Wednesday, May 30

Trip 6a & 6b: Saturday, May 26- Thursday, May 31

Trip 7: Sunday, May 27- Friday, June 1

Post-Reunions Trip (no trip in 2018): Monday, June 4- Saturday, June 9

Post-Grad Trips (9a & 9b): Thursday, June 7- Tuesday, June 12