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Leader Information

Leader Information

HEART & CPR Recertifications

When leading an OA trip, all leaders must hold valid CPR and Wilderness First Aid certifications for the duration of the trip.  For many students, leading Senior year requires going through the recertification process.


American Heart Association (AHA) CPR, which OA teaches, offers a 2-year CPR certification.  To recertify, you can either take another AHA CPR course through OA, or become certified through another organization, such as the American Red Cross.

Health Information

Outdoor Action considers running healthy trips an essential part of our mission. We will work with you to identify a trip that's right for you based on any previous experience, your current physical condition, any special dietary needs you might have, physical limitations and medical conditions. We ask a variety of questions on our Health History form to assess your needs. Please contact us if you have questions about what trips would be best and to give us more detailed information about your special needs.

Information for Diabetics

Many students with diabetes have participated in the trip or led trips. These are a few things we have learned over the years to help you have a good week on the trip.

Tell us About your Insulin Regimen

When completing your health form, let us know about your daily insulin regimen. Are you taking insulin orally, spray, by injection, or an insulin pump? What type of glucose monitoring meter do you use? What are the temperature requirements for your medication and meter or pump? All of these things can help us place you on a trip that's in the right environment for you.

Canoeing Trip Personal Equipment List

Here is all the information you need to pack for your Frosh Trip. When selecting gear for the trip, remember that you’ll be in the outdoors for five days, so you’ll want to bring only those things you need to be comfortable. Leave behind what isn’t necessary—extra stuff just adds weight. This equipment list is based on over 40 years of experience running Outdoor Action Trips. If you bring ALL the gear on the list and ONLY the gear on the list, you’ll be comfortable in virtually any situation you’ll encounter on Frosh Trip.