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Outdoor Action

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Frosh Trip

Frosh Trip

Backpacking Equipment List

Here is all the information you need to pack for your Frosh Trip. When selecting gear for the trip, remember that you’ll be in the outdoors for five days, so you’ll want to bring only those things you need to be comfortable. Leave behind what isn’t necessary—extra stuff just adds weight. This equipment list is based on 40 years of experience running Outdoor Action Trips. If you bring ALL the gear on the list and ONLY the gear on the list, you’ll be comfortable in virtually any situation you’ll encounter on Frosh Trip.

Arrival for Frosh Trip

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Dillon Map
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Outdoor Action Check-in is after dinner on Saturday, August 27 in Dillon Gym. 

You don't need to bring any equipment to Dillon Gym Check-in. At Check-in you'll meet the other members of your OA group and your OA Leaders. After Check-in you will head over to one of your Leader's rooms to spend the rest of the evening getting to know your group and learning about your activities for the week. 

Students with Special Needs

OA can accomodate students with many different concerns, including medical issues, religious practices, and internet/technology accessability. Our goal is to do our best to make this experience as accessible as possible for all students, especially in our current global health crisis. Please contact us to let us know about your specific needs so we can try and find a trip that will work for you.