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Equipment for Frosh Trip

OA Equipment Lists for Orientation

We have put together several different equipment lists to help you prepare and pack for your Outdoor Action small group Orientation program. You primarily just need to bring personal clothing items and OA provides other specialized equipment.These equipment lists are based on over 48 years of experience running Outdoor Action Trips.

OA Campus-based Day Trips

OA Basecamp Trips

Measurements for Biking Trip

In order to rent bikes for your trip, we need to provide the bike rental company with specific sizing measurements on all participants. In addition to your height, we also need your bike inseam size (which is different from your pants inseam). Your bike inseam is the length from the underside of the groin to the bottom side of the ankle. Both measurements are in inches.

Backpacking Equipment List

Here is all the information you need to pack for your Frosh Trip. When selecting gear for the trip, remember that you’ll be in the outdoors for five days, so you’ll want to bring only those things you need to be comfortable. Leave behind what isn’t necessary—extra stuff just adds weight. This equipment list is based on 40 years of experience running Outdoor Action Trips. If you bring ALL the gear on the list and ONLY the gear on the list, you’ll be comfortable in virtually any situation you’ll encounter on Frosh Trip.