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The Backpacker's Field Manual

bpfmcover2.jpgThe Backpacker's Field Manual

A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Backcountry Skills

by Rick Curtis, Director, Princeton University Outdoor Action Program
Second Edition published by Three Rivers Press division of Random House, May 2005

Available at Amazon.Com
Since its first release in March 1998 it has sold over 150,000 copies!

The Backpacker's Field Manual is the only book of it's kind. There are many excellent books on backpacking, but none designed especially to be usable in the field. The Backpacker's Field Manual was written to be "the book" that you take with you on a trip. It is excellent for pre-trip planning as well as the best on-trail reference for everything from map & compass to stove repair and first aid. This is an excellent field resource both for individual backpacker's and for outdoor programs and is considered to be the best backpacking field manual available for University outdoor programs in the U.S. The Table of Contents is included below and you can see a sample of the book by checking out the Map & Compass Section of Chapter 6 - Wilderness Travel.

The Backpacker's Field Manual grew out of the Outdoor Action Program Leaders Manual which has served as a teaching and field book for trip leaders in Princeton University's outdoor education program. It has been field tested and revised over the past ten years by trip leaders on hundreds of outdoor trips across the country.